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Jeddah Al Qumra

Camp and Catering Service

Accommodation Capacity – 3000

Catering – 15,000 meals per day

3 km from Jeddah South Thermal Plant

Year of Establishment – 2020

Our Jeddah camp is one of our ambitious projects and is within 3kms of the Jeddah South Thermal plant, with a capacity of over 3000 people, and a catering capability of 15,000 meals per day. It is located on the outskirts of Jeddah city, the location of the camp is strategically positioned to ensure that the occupants are not affected by the noise and daily rush of the city, without losing the perks that come with it. The camp has plenty of land left for expansion, in case of the need arises – we can easily increase the capacity to desired levels.


  • First-Aid and Ambulance
  • Recreational Areas
  • Sports and Fitness Area
  • Department Store
  • Mosque
  • Swimming Pool for Senior Management

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