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Our experience has equipped us with the ability to design, work in and deliver camps of all sizes and shapes in the most inhospitable environments. We have built and run camps in the peaceful weather of Rabigh and the daunting sandstorm of Al Shugaiq. We can deploy a team and establish a camp within days’ notice. With Rodina Global, you can choose one or all of our core camp services, tailored to fit your specific requirement.

Why Rodina Global Camp and Catering

Presence all over the Kingdom

Rodina Global camp and catering service are present all over the Kingdom, enabling us to serve our clients at a moment’s notice – whether it is a permanent or temporary requirement.

Excellent track record

Most of our earlier clients are still working with us, proving the quality of service provided and the satisfaction levels that are a standard in all our departments.

Bigger the size, the Better the service

As we are one of the biggest service providers in the camp and catering service industry, our purchases are made in bulk from the best suppliers, giving us better prices and quality products than the competitor, which in turn enables us to provide quality service at reasonable prices.

Uninterrupted service, 24x7

All these years of service and there has been no single record of interrupting service to our clients. Your peace of mind is our priority.


We treat our camps as a gathering of thousands of strangers from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. We understand their conditions of choices and facilities, and the happier they will be, this is why our hospitality is one of our most sought-after traits. A happy workforce is less disruptive, more loyal, and more productive, making you meet vital deadlines for your project with ease. From luxury rooms for senior management to neat and tidy dorm rooms for the workforce in a billeting of your choice, we solve all your accommodation problems at a fraction of the regular cost.

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Catering Service

A well-balanced diet excels in nutritional value, quality of the food products and of course, the way the food tastes. At Rodina Global, we believe it is the synergy of these three elements that has made us renowned among our clients.

Get these elements right and you will see morale lifted, fewer sick days, lower staff turnover and higher productivity leading to a harmonious atmosphere in the camps. Our menus are the right mix of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals combined with irresistible taste to keep the workforce fit, healthy and happy. Every cuisine is made by chefs from the same cultural backgrounds as the customer. We offer Asian, Filipino, Arabic and Korean cuisines right off the shelf. If you require any other cuisine, we can arrange it within short notice

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To be the best solution for Camp and Catering globally.

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To provide our clients with peace of mind by providing top-notch quality service.





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